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Clean Sounds (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain) and Cluster e.V. (Berlin, Germany), two cultural associations are joining forces. Together they are organizing:


Professional workshops & art residency
in Fuerteventura – Canary Islands
7th -24th October 2017

Feel free to contact us if you want to participate



CLEAN PERSPECTIVES // 14-20 November 2016

 A week of workshops and events dedicated to alternative living, environmental awareness and a free creative flow.
 Join us and take a Clean Perspective on your life with a clean mind. Through arts, culture and science, we aim to explore new methods and alternatives for a better living.

We contribute to a sustainable future. A future characterized by respect towards oneself, others, and the collective environment. In Fuerteventura we aim to establish a free international harbor. Collaborators and participants work together to establish a network of creative people and professionals. Fuerteventura reconnects us with the natural rhythm of the desert, the volcanoes, the ocean and the sun. The Island is an ideal ground for the Clean Perspective workshops, connecting with the local community.

1. The Desert offers a physical and mental space, where we can restore our beings, reshape our future and play with the aesthetics of land art. This is the Clean Creations workshop, where we meet the world of participative public art and artist Andreco – Rome (IT) – while he leads the group in the creation of a sculptural installation inspired by shapes and structure from nature.

2. The Sun gives an eternal source of pure energy, and forms the base for the Clean Energies workshop. You will build your own low cost, compact and portable solar sound system, suitable to be replicated in larger dimension once back home. DIY! With Eckart Schaarschmidt, Solar Festival (DE)

3. While washing and refreshing our thoughts, The Ocean invites us to listen and return to the origin. In the Clean Sounds workshop we understand and work with sound from ecological perspectives. The sessions take a particular focus on skills in listening, recording and meditation. With Fis aka Oliver Peryman (NZL) and PYUR

4. The hot core of The Volcano melts our ingredients together and bursts the new matter out into the world. With the Clean Frequencies radio workshop we learnabout broadcasting and creating creative programming by launching a community web radio. Held by Cashmere Radio  / Berlin (DE)

At the end of the week the Fiesta day gives the possibility to all workshops and their members to exhibit their creations between the Plaza of Lajares and the Albergue Co’hombrillo.

A Space for connecting and inspiring each other.