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Celia Casey 

Describes herself as a ‘divergent mind that knows when to converge’ who spends her time developing metadisciplinary artworks and future education programs.

As a founder of projects like Plateau Gallery Berlin, Cluster e.V., Extreme Creative Disorder or The Acid Test Project she seeks not only to develop her own art pieces, but to create platforms where expression and creativity have no boundaries. This is in itself an art piece, in need of permanent research and analysis to one day become the desired future. She leads a holistic life, in constant creation of her one and multiple total work of art.

‘Anything is possible. Reality is ours, we create it’.

Letizia Trussi

Letizia Trussi

Is co-founder of Plateau Gallery Berlin and Cluster e.V.

She graduated in DAMS – Disciplines of Art, Music and Entertainment, and in the Communication and Education of Art. Based in Berlin, she works as a curator, project manager and cultural operator, organizing exhibitions, cultural events and workshops, as well as parties and festivals.

Years ago, she fell in love with Fuerteventura, where she more and more finds reasons and inspiration to create a stable connection between Berlin and the Island. She is also a singer – Lagoon – performing in an electronic down-tempo duo with GATS, inspired by tribal sounds and especially from Nature. That’s her biggest love!

Marie Klinke aka. Miss Moon

Marie Klinke

is a Berlin-based, multi-disciplinary artist, art director, curator, project manager, connecter and curious creator. She founded various cultural projects and collectives such as the Plateau Gallery Berlin & Gape – Berlins Experimental Lounge. In 2015 she graduated in Art Direction and co-founded Cluster e.V. in 2016.

Fuertevetura was for her a visually reseting experience. The visual overload of Berlin and its city live, influences her work and feeds her mind with inspiration. Simplicity allows deeper perception and clearer awareness. These natural cycles become healthy and tangible in her work. A stone desert can be fertile ground; concentrated, focused, on conscious creation. –

Remi de Wilde

Remi de Wilde

Is cofounder of Clean Sounds and responsible for the associations management. He holds an MSc in Sustainable Development from the University of Utrecht and has worked as a consultant on environmental project management around the world. After finding a stable base in Fuerteventura, the island inspired him to start a cultural movement based on cooperative behaviour.

I want to inspire people with the idea that actions done with a clean mind benefit not only ourselves but the people around us and the environment”.

Gereon Lake

Gereon Lake

Is co-founder of Clean Sounds and responsible for its creative design. He is a trained occupational therapist, who helps people change their life habit patterns through creative actions. In Fuerteventura he used his creativity to develop a brand that produces bags locally, out of recycled materials. He is a resident DJ for Clean Sounds.

“Creating is a fundamental need for me, and I believe that in every human there is a creator”

Ali Smyrna

Ali Smyrna

Is photographer, web-designer and a herbal tea fetishist creating his own blend out of soul, spirit and love. What comes out are projects like Ali’s Teabar, popping up here and there or Visual Soundscapes – photography mixing with slide projectors to live music, UtUTut! – a live jazz and art space ….

“Looking around from Tindaya mountain you get an idea of the endless creativity this world needed and still does to build itself”.







Eckart Schaarschmidt

From the Solar Festival e.V. (DE) directs the Solar Sound Workshop. As a system engineer and acupressure instructor he has been working for years with alternative energy sources and has been building self-sufficient solar generators for various applications since 2008.

Eckart and his team are currently focusing on their projects Seed Explosion e.V. and


Fis (Oliver Peryman) is an electronic musician and sound designer from New Zealand. His working background in New Zealand centred around permaculture design, ecological start-ups, teaching and researching for Wellington’s Victoria University. As a musician and sound designer he investigates meditation, alignment, and the biosphere.


PYURHotflush has welcomed an exciting young artist, PYUR, along with her singular debut LP Epoch Sinus. Growing up in Munich, in and amongst the same fecund scene that spawned artists like the Zenker Brothers and Skee Mask, PYUR spent her younger years learning the guitar and singing before she discovered the electronic world’s endless scope for sound design. Endowed with innately strong synaesthesia and reared in a shamanic household, she tells how music “played the biggest role in my growth. It alone had the purpose to help me dissolve boundaries, discover the beauty of life’s mechanisms, create freely. It talked. Soon I felt like the music was making me, not the other way round.”


Andreco was born in Rome, works between Bologna and New York City as artist and scientist. Andreco is also an environmental engineer PhD specialize in sustainability, he did a Post. Doc researches on green technologies for urban sustainability collaborating with the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna and the Columbia University of New York City. His artistic research is focused on the relation between humans and nature and between the built environment and the natural landscape. Since 2000 Andreco is researching on different topics as anatomy, environmental sustainability, urbanism, ecology and symbolism, on the base of this researches he is creating new symbols. Andreco uses many techniques to represent his art, from public installations to videos or wall paintings and drawings. Andreco worked for several international festivals, museums and galleries.

In the climate change era the environment needs new symbols to withstand.We are in the century of the environmental crisis and my artwork is affected by it.My research is focused on the relation between humans and nature and between the built environment and the natural landscape.“Man is nature becoming conscious of itself ”(Elisée Reclus)

Since 2000 I’m constantly researching pushed by curiosity, finding connections between art and science, symbolism and environmental sustainability, anatomy and urbanism, bodies and cities, ecology and social justice, emotion and actions. I believe that multidisciplinary researches are needed. I support the idea that individual and collective freedom of thinking is a primary value. The objective of my research is to produce new visions, symbols and formulas, to make the invisible visible, showing the beauty of the hidden natural process as a contemporary alchemist that learns from the past.

There isn’t just a method (I don’t follow a specific scheme for my work ) but the artwork production process is mostly site specific and influenced by the contest, the people that I meet and the environment. The artwork can be related to searching materials and natural elements, observing transformations and simplifying ideas in shapes. Some times I’m looking for a delicate balance, others times for a heavy impact. A common operation in my work is to transpose natural elements from the landscape to the built environment, changing the point of view, the perception and the conventional meaning of the objects, with the clear statement:
Nature as Art”.


Cashmere Radio is a not-for-profit community radio station based in Lichtenberg, Berlin. The ambition of the station is to preserve and further radio and broadcasting practices by playing with the plasticity and malleability of the medium. We do this by both honouring and challenging it’s inherent qualities: it is both a physical station open to the public and an online radio; it has regular shows, yet opens itself up to extended and one-off events; it features extended generative music performances and installations at the same time as working within radio’s typical durations. In short, it is an attempt to enhance and celebrate the performative, social and informative power of radio that we believe lies within the form itself.




A collaboration between Clean Sounds and Cluster e.v.

Clean Sounds is socio-cultural association uniting artists, musicians, engineers and any other creative talents in the North of Fuerteventura. Together, we want to create a cultural movement based on cooperative behaviour. The organisation of creative music events is a main part of our mission. There, we can express and share our talents to inspire others.

Our unique events run only on sustainable energy sources such as solar energy. New applications of clean technology in event management will be developed and applied.

Benefits of events are invested in the not-for profit association. In this way we can stimulate environmental awareness and develop social projects.

Cluster e.V. aims at establishing a digital platform that connects artists, creative professionals, advocates, benefactors, and enthusiasts across the globe. At its philosophical core, Cluster is a network based on a rhizomatic structure.

Cluster maps art-related agencies, cultural associations, galleries, artist houses, and residency possibilities around the globe

with the intention of simplifying collaboration and interaction among these various actors. Such connections have the potential to help an artist or creative professional enter the marketplace, access residencies, and find general support, while also creating mutually beneficial opportunities for advocates and enthusiasts to gain exposure amongst artists they may not encounter otherwise.

Cluster is based on an open structure instead of a closed system. It works by establishing an experimental ground upon which its members can actively contribute in terms of growth and operation. It is, in essence, a form of permanent on-going research and a conceptual artwork.

Cluster affirms itself as project in a state of becoming. Its conceptual framework was imagined during the Plateau Gallery experiment – a Berliner Open Gallery for Multidisciplinary Contemporary Art.





My name is kathrin, a lot of people just call me kati.i love the island of fuerteventura for its over all beauty. Amazing landscapes, super people and stoked by surfing made me come to live here. Performing sports in the nature is one of the best things we can do; it creates and maintains the connection between our body and mind. During the workshop in 2017 i will bring the participants to try different kinds of physical activities, always in connection with nature. Happy to see you there, kati


“You can run together with Dóra (creator of Amphibia: swimming, running and art)! It is not about being fast or competitive, just a nice way to feel fit, to empty your head and to boost the creative process in the beautiful scenery of Fuerteventura. As our lives are full and we consider ourselves ‘busy’ 99% of the time, we are affected in many ways by the stress that we experience. As a researcher with a love for sports and art, I want to stimulate people to look for activities that counteract this and bring their body and mind back into a balanced state.”


Michal Pomykala
Founder of RapidBitcoins, with over 4 years of experience in trading and investing in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Digital economy and the future of money How it’s up to us to shift the financial paradigm A 60-minute talk about the new direction the financial world is going, plus how you can participate and benefit from this new trend now.


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