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During this first edition, the tools for synergy were provided. Thanks to the curation of concept, environment, infrastructure and space a strong creative experience was possible.

Through the Clean Frequencies workshop, we learned how to set up and manage a community web radio. Topics such as programming, infrastructure, budget and organizational structure were addressed. Also, the first steps to start a local online radio station were taken.

With the Clean Sounds workshop participants delved into the world of field recordings. A unique way to explore the soundscapes of the island, a glimpse into the inner vibration of matter and soul. Listen, collect, compose… Transform. You’ll be able to find the outcome in the soon to be released first edition of our Clean Perspectives Compilation, a set of electronic music
tracks you don’t want to miss.

Thanks to the Clean Energies workshop we learned about solar energy and its applications, especially focusing on how to power different kinds of events with clean energy sources. Participants were able to broaden their knowledge about electronics and sound devices, as well as widening their understanding of materials from a sustainable point of view.

The art and music Cluster residencies offered the perfect playground to many creatives who, working together or on their own individual projects created a flow to be reckoned with. Inspiration and talent explode when given a flexible frame to grow upon.

In the Artisanal Market of Lajares, the Clean Perspectives week found a stage to be heard, seen and lived. Thanks to the Clean Sounds Association‘s solar-powered trailer and sound system, musicians could perform and show their new creations. The newborn radio station streamed the whole event live, crossing music with information and interviews. Visual artists exhibited their work in the town, while the achievements of all were enjoyed by the local community.

A Space to connect and inspire each other.