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Art Residency - CLEAN PERSPECTIVES Fuerteventura

The Clean perspectives Art and Music Residency Programs offer a holistic work experience in which to create and connect in the beautiful landscapes of Fuerteventura. 

A unique way to detach yourself from day to day contexts, methods and experiences, rediscovering your own individual approach to artistic and cultural production and exploring collaborative creative process.

Professional guidance and assistance in the development of personal, co- and team working techniques will be provided. Other side Activities such as lectures, sports, meditation and acro-yoga are included in both residencies.

The residency program culminates with the creation of a one day festival, where results can be shared with other participants, the local and international community of Fuerteventura.


14-28th November

The Clean perspectives Art Residency Program, brings to you two weeks to create and connect in the amazing landscapes of Fuerteventura. Here it’s about you, mind and soul, ready to go on the adventure of creative self awareness, inspired by a community of international residents. So whether you are a land artist, sculptor, performer, painter, designer, conceptual artists or a multidisciplinary creator, here you’ll find space to develop projects, guided by the Cluster More info →


14-28th November

Are you’re looking to develop a live performance, work on a record, learn some sound design trickery, spend time with a new tool, develop your skills in mixing and mastering, or just work somewhere different and get some ‘fresh air ‘? Oliver Peryman (aka Fis) and Sophie Schnell (aka PYUR) will be available to guide your work in the beautiful, inspiring setting of Fuerteventura during the Clean Perspectives Music Residency Program. More info →


Gain clean perspectives on your work and research through interaction, dialogue, workshops, and collaborations. The Island of Fuerteventura will be our LABoratory.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about booking, participation, collaboration and more.

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