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Art Residency

The Clean perspectives Art Residency Program, developed by the Cluster e.V. team brings you a holistic work experience in the area of artistic production. A unique way to detach yourself from your day to day context, methods and experiences, rediscovering individual and collective creative processes. Here it’s about you, mind and soul, ready to go on the adventure of creative self awareness in the amazing landscapes of Fuerteventura.

Through this personal voyage, you’ll have the chance to be inspired by a community of international residents, having at the same time the possibility to completely focus on your own projects. Parallel to this Art Residency, the Music Residency developed by Oliver Peryman (aka Fis) and Sophie Schnell (aka PYUR) will take place, allowing through the interconnection of both residency programs, the birth of new multidisciplinary pieces. Different co-working and team working strategies will be proposed to help you know and better manage the variables of synergy.

Lectures and other side activities provide the last pieces of the puzzle that will allow you to build the framework of your own personal experience. So whether you are a land artist, sculptor, performer, painter, designer, conceptual artists or a multidisciplinary creator, here you’ll find space to develop projects, guided by the Cluster

Prices: 420,- Euro or 30,- per day

Early Bird: 380,- from 15-06 until 15-08

Max participators: 15


 08.00-09.00 group activity
09.00-10.00 breakfast
10.00-13.00 creation  time
13.00-14.00 lunch
14.00-19.00 creation  time
19.00-20.00 dinner
21-00-22.00 group activity/creation  time

Saturdays are festival days where results are shared with the local and international communities of Fuerteventura.

Additional information

  • The residency is proposed as a holistic experience. It’s ideal for the individual and group dynamic that you come for the complete time period. If you cannot, please let us know in advance the number of days that you’ll be able to join us and the kind of work you’ll come to develop, for us to properly integrate you into the workflow.
  • Artists must provide their own specific materials and tools. The island can provide natural resources and recycled materials which you’ll be invited to experiment with.
  • The Clean Perspectives workshops which will take place in the Albergue Cohombrillo during these same weeks can be booked as an add on. Please let us know in advance if you will be taking part in both a Residency Program and a Clean Perspectives Workshop. We highly recommend and encourage this option for those residents who are interested in the workshops proposed by Clean Perspectives. For more information about the workshops please check here.



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