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Fiesta 19. Nov 2016 at Lajares

& Sharing of the workshop creations

On the 19th of November all the participants, artists and organizers of the Clean Perspectives week will join the weekly ‘Mercado Artesanal’ of Lajares, held in the beautiful square of the town.

From 10.00 to 14.00 we will share music, art, talks and workshop activities with the local community and with all the market visitors.

In this time frame we will be happy to share information about our activities and mission, and take the chance to share the results or the processes created within our week of workshops. A concert will be organized by the musicians taking part in the project, for everybody’s entertainment!

The radio group will record the event to create a live podcast for the Clean Frequencies radio. Visual artists will exhibit their works, while Andreco and his Clean Creation group will present the project of their ‘Landmark’ installation, inviting everybody to visit the finalized artwork at the Albergue Co’hombrillo.

The event will be sustained by solar energy and music will flow loud from the solar sound system built by the Clean Sounds Association. A day for connection and mutual inspiration that continues afterwards at the Co’hombrillo for all participants. There we will go on with a wider presentation of the work done during the week and end it up with a good dinner party time. And celebrate together our beautiful journey.


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