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The Town Hall of La Oliva is hosting us in the Albergue Co’hombrillo to develop the Workshop and Residency programs. It is beautifully located in the hills near the village of Lajares, with views to the ocean.

The Co’hombrillo is powered by wind and solar energy. There is room for sixty people to sleep, a spacious dining room and kitchen. The bedrooms are shared (dormitory). Only mattress and pillow are provided so very important to PLEASE bring your OWN SLEEPING BAG and PILLOW CASE.

There will be a shuttle service from Lajares to the Co’hombrillo for the participants.


Click on images to get the full view:

Clean Perspectives - Fuerteventura

A Film about the landscape of Fuerteventura by Jeroen Schrage

4K Fuerteventura – The red pearl from Jeroen Schrage on Vimeo.



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