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Clean Perspectives in der TAZ



von Philipp Rhensius in der TAZ Berlin 30.11.2016

– Es gibt ein richtiges Leben im Falschen. Zumindest für die rund 30 Menschen, die eine Woche gemeinsam auf der Insel Fuerteventura gelebt haben: Ein Fenster in eine neue Gesellschaft, die teilt anstatt zu besitzen und die zuhört anstatt sich zu übertönen.

– There is a real life in the wrong. At least for the approximately 30 people who have lived a week together on the island of Fuerteventura: a window into a new society that shares rather than owning and listening instead of drowning.!5357894&s=Das+klingt+schön+warm/


TAZ Artikel clean perspectives


Google Translation:

Festival for Sustainability
The sound of the stones
They can easily train their cohabitation and let nature fade their sounds: impressions from the festival “Clean Sounds” on Fuerteventura.
FUERTEVENTURA taz | Wind roars around his ears, a stray dog ​​barks into nothingness, and the sun burns stoically from the gray sky, as if to call the five beings down there: What do you really think who you are, how you with your smart sneakers over the Wüstenboden and crush the remains of an ancient species? The group, however, knows that its apparent destruction also produces something new. The crunching of the mussels, sometimes part of an ocean and the small stones that belonged to a volcano, create a seductive rhythm, which could also go through as a trip hop beat.
Even the bigger stones are pure sound. “They are rough, but they sound warm. Listen, “says Oliver Peryman. He picks up two copies, places one in his hand and rubs the surface with the other before closing and opening his hand until a wagging, synthesizer-like sound is produced.
The musician from New Zealand, who produces experimental club music as an FIS, smiles and looks at the others. They also appear slightly entranced, stand under a palm tree or hold their arms in the air to pick up the rustling of the branches with their field recorders.
Peryman conducts the sound workshop with the Berlin musician Sophie Schnell alias Pyur as part of the “Clean Perspectives” week on Fuerteventura. In addition to field recording, that is, the maintenance of sounds from the environment, it is about the training of the hearing, for example by means of meditation. For Perymann and Schnell, who composed both futuristic club music between ambient, IDM and environmental sounds, this is enormously important. Because sound always takes place in the now and allows a deep relationship to the outer and inner, personal world.

Swing with nature
The Spanish island, which is called “the island of eternal spring” because of its warm climate all year round, is the perfect place for this. Not only because the steady wind is a steady one in the now. “The rough character of the landscape is generally inspiring,” says Letizia Trussi, looking towards the volcanoes lurking on the horizon like watchers.
“It’s about leaving the overflow of the city behind and the rhythm of nature,” adds Marie Klinke. They sit on one of the benches in front of the little hostel in the middle of a rocky desert. The Berlin-based artists of the “Cluster” created the week together with Remi de Wilde and Gereon Lake, who organize parties with their sound-driven sound system “Clean Sounds”.
With “clean” they not only combine clean energy, but also an empty space in which new ideas can grow, but also a liberation from unnecessary thoughts or routines that have become part of everyday life. In addition to artist residencies such as Christina Tsantekidou, the week also produces a great lollipop of garbage, according to environmental requirements, as well as other workshops, including “Clean Energy” and “Clean Radio”. The latter is headed by Matteo Spanó and Filippo Gianetta, who run the online cashmere in Berlin and build a local community radio together with local interested parties.

In a small space
The relationship with the island is very important to all, especially Lake and de Wilde, who live and work here. At the same time, an international network is to be established, which goes beyond conventional tourism, the island’s central economic activity. The 31 participants from 16 to 52 are from Italy, Greece, USA, Belgium, Poland, New Zealand, Croatia, Mexico, Germany, France, Sweden and South Korea.
The group lives in a small space. In the hostel work is done, slept and eaten. The high beds, the common meals and the laptops covered with laptops seem like a cross between youth leisure and co-working space; The nightly jam sessions with drums and battery-powered synthesizers like a futuristic hippie commune.
There are no hierarchies and rules, it is based on individual self-empowerment and collective self-organization. Cooked, rinsed and cleaned will be voluntary and as required. Those interested, like the 16-year-old Roberto from Lajares, who spontaneously received a crash course in music production from Peryman, will be welcomed. It is a microcosm of a better, fairer, freer world.

There are no hierarchies and rules, it is based on individual self-empowerment and collective self-organization
“Our society urgently needs new methods for a better living together based on sharing and creative creativity,” says Klinke on the market in Lajares on Saturday morning, where the group is presenting their works, including the lollipop sculpture and drawings by the Korean artist Kui- As well as sketches of pieces of music ranging from the abstract musique concrète to the house, and a few nostalgic nods. De Wilde is satisfied: “The week was more productive than imagined. We have only given place and time, and everything has developed organically. ”

A mobile solar sound box
It is also a good idea to raise awareness about renewable energies. The current of the hostel comes from a small wind turbine. According to Eckard Schaarschmidt, who heads the Solarworkshop and founded the internet broadcasting company Castor TV, the system produces constantly 1,000 watts. That’s enough, a laptop needs 24 watts. With the participants he has built a mobile solar sound box, which they can take home with them. “I would like to make this as self-evident as the solar cell in the pocket calculator. The sun does not send an invoice. ”
The excursion to Mount Tindaya is also unpredictable. Up here, at a height of 500 meters, there is a wide view of the nervous ocean and the surreal, reddish-brown moon landscape. “We are all resonant beings,” Peryman had said at the workshop. It is true, for a brief moment, all swing in harmony, united in humility before the cinematic soundtrack of the environment that reconciles the organic processes of nature with civilization and in which all have their voice: the dauersingende wind, the barking of the guard dogs in The front gardens of the nearby village, the complaining of the goats, the calls of the children playing and the howling automotors.
“Of course, there is no real life in the wrong,” a participant said at the beginning of the workshop, knowing that this is a physical filter bubble. On the other hand, social-ecological changes can not be installed authoritatively, but must grow organically in accordance with the interests of all. The moment on the mountain is a window into the future of a new society. One who shares, instead of owning and listening to one another, instead of constantly drowning.



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