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Clean Creations

Clean Perspectives - Clean Creations

With Clean Creations we’ll learn about the fundamental theories and practices needed to plan art installations in the public space, all in a participatory and environmental perspective. Along the workshop the plan created by participants will materialize as a detailed proposal, ready to be presented and turned into artistic action.


The Island of Fuerteventura and the Albergue Cohombrillo – the very location of the project – will be the experimenting ground for participants to work on. Lead by artist and environmental engineer Andreco, the group will work on different themes, preparing projects in the Albergue setting, such as artistic installations, green corners, seats, and shelter systems from the strong wind and sun of the Island.
Through this exercise, the group will learn how to prepare accurate concepts and proposals for outdoor installations and environmental projects. Starting from the study of the territory ,the needs and the spirit of the community, participants will learn how to build creative and practical solutions to establish meaningful and sustainable environments.

Day 1 – After a first introduction round, Andreco will present his recent projects, sharing methods and outcomes both in public and participatory art. Parallel, a series of effective and inefficient models will be presented. After that, the group will start studying the Island’s territory, traditions, materials, climate and nature, extracting the necessary data.

Day 2 – The group will explore the location and its surrounding natural landscapes, in order to map possibilities, get inspired and find a general direction to lead the course of action. Depending on their expertise and interests, participants will work individually or arranged in work groups.

Day 3 – The groups will start working on specific topics in order to build a joined proposal. Art, green and eco design, engineering and creative sensitivity applied to the planning of public spaces come in to play in this part of the process.

Day 4 – After reaching the micro-goals, the groups will review the single proposals to give it a final shape.

andrecoLEAD BY:
Andreco is an artist and scientist working between Rome, Bologna and New York City. As an environmental engineer PhD he specializes in sustainability, and since his Post Doctorate he specifically researches green technologies for urban sustainability. In collaboration with the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna and with the Columbia University of New York City, he developes artistic research focusing on the relation between humans and nature, between the built environment and the natural landscapes.

Artist Statement
Since 2000 – pushed by curiosity – I’m constantly researching to find connections between art and science, symbolism and environmental sustainability, anatomy and urbanism, bodies and cities, ecology and social justice, emotions and actions. I believe that multidisciplinary researches are needed. I support the idea that individual and collective freedom of thinking area primary values. The goal of my research is to produce new visions, symbols and formulas that will make the invisible visible, showing the beauty of hidden natural processes. A contemporary alchemist that learns from the past.

Date: 15-18  November
Price: 490,-
Early Bird: 440,-  from 15-06 until 15-08
Max participators: 12

Day plan, Wednesday to Saturday:

08.00-09.00 group activity
09.00-10.00 breakfast
10.00-13.00 workshop
13.00-14.00 lunch
14.00-16.00 workshop
16.00-19.00 free time
19.00-20.00 dinner
21-00-22.00 group activity/free time

On Saturday 25th of November, results will be shared with the local and international communities of Fuerteventura in an open festival!

Additional information

Price includes accommodation (6 days), three vegetarian meals a day, 20hours of tutoring, presentation day and side activities such as lectures, sports, meditation and acro-yoga.

Accommodation is available from the 14th to the 28th of November allowing flexible arrivals and departures for only 25 euro per extra day.

Workshop prices are kept to a minimum to ensure access to the creative community. See here our financial strategy statement.



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