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Clean Energies II

Clean Perspectives - Clean Energies - Solar Workshop
A workshop designed for event managers who want to learn strategies and techniques to run events on 100% renewable energy, focusing in this case on solar energy.

Within this four day workshop a test stage will be developed in view of a small scale event. There, participants will directly apply the lessons learned. The event will take place on November 25th and will serve as the official closing of 2017’s Clean Perspectives edition.  Along with the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience, participants are given an effective plan containing all the technical information they will need to arrange events run on 100% renewable energy.

Eckart’s short intro to his workshop:

The plan includes:

  • Calculation of energy needs of elements such as music, bar facilities and lights
  • Integration of different energy sources, such as solar, wind, bicycles, etc
  • Logistics of energy management, staff needed and control of energy consumption
  • Budgeting
  • Practical examples of solar generators.

The size and quantity of festivals and events are constantly increasing, as well as the environmental impacts of such gatherings. Through the use of sustainable energy we can reduce these impacts. Moreover, large numbers of visitors can experience the possibilities of solar and other renewable energies. This amplifies environmental awareness and the positive impacts of the use of renewables far beyond the very events.


Eckart SchaarschmidtLeader Name: Eckart Schaarschmidt, founder of Solar Festival e.V.

Just a few people in the world hold the expertise to organize events that can run 100% on solar energy and host up to 2000 guests, Eckart Schaarschmidt is one of them. As a system engineer and acupressure instructor, he has been working for years with alternative energy sources and building self-sufficient solar generators since 2008. Eckart and his team are currently focusing on projects such as Seed Explosion e.V. and Sunject.


Date: 15-18 November
Price: 490,-
Early Bird: 440,-  from 15-06 until 15-08
Max participators: 12

Day plan, Tuesday to Friday:

08.00-09.00 group activitiy
09.00-10.00 breakfast
10.00-13.00 workshop
13.00-14.00 lunch
14.00-16.00 workshop
16.00-19.00 free time
19.00-20.00 dinner
21-00-22.00 group activity/free time

On Saturday 25th of November, results will be shared with the local and international communities of Fuerteventura in an open festival!

Additional information

Price includes accommodation (6 days), three vegetarian meals a day, 20hours of tutoring, presentation day and side activities such as lectures, sports, meditation and acro-yoga.

Accommodation is available from the 14th to the 28th of November allowing flexible arrivals and departures for only 25 euro per extra day.

Workshop prices are kept to a minimum to ensure access to the creative community. See here our financial strategy statement.



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