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Sacred Domes

Learn how to design and build your own upcycled geodesic dome. In this workshop we’ll learn how to make a 4 meter radius dome using recycled pet bottles. Gain knowledge about possible shapes, materials and cooperative building dynamics. 


Explore alternative living methods in the Sacred Domes workshop. A geodesic dome is a semi-spherical structure created from triangles. It’s decreased surface area requires less building materials and offers one of the most efficient interior atmospheres for human dwellings, as air and energy are allowed to circulate freely inside it.

In this four day workshop participants will learn how to build their own dome made out of recycled plastic bottles.

– Day 1
Theory: Comprehensive and visual theory about domes and sacred geometry.
Practise: Dome design, dimentions and organization of the materials needed.

– Day 2
Theory: How to build a dome, constructive systems.
Practise: Preparation of the beams that will shape the structure

– Day 3
Theory: Connectors and angles
Practise: Preparation of connectors

– Day 4
Practise: Finishing beams and connectors

– Day 5
Dome montage

Leader Name: ParedLibre

ParedLibre is the combination of two creative and free spirited women:
Suryais an artist based in Fuerteventura, specialized in public and upcycled art. Maluna is an artist and architect based in Fuerteventura who specializes in public art and geodesic dome structures.(facebook: malunadomes)

Date: 21-24 November
Price: 490,-
Early Bird: 440,-  from 15-06 until 15-08
Max participators: 12

Day plan, Tuesday to Friday:

08.00-09.00 group activity
09.00-10.00 breakfast
10.00-13.00 workshop
13.00-14.00 lunch
14.00-16.00 workshop
16.00-19.00 free time
19.00-20.00 dinner
21-00-22.00 group activity/free time

On Saturday 25th of November, results will be shared with the local and international communities of Fuerteventura in an open festival!

Additional information

Price includes accommodation (6 days), three vegetarian meals a day, 20hours of tutoring, presentation day and side activities such as lectures, sports, meditation and acro-yoga.

Accommodation is available from the 14th to the 28th of November allowing flexible arrivals and departures for only 25 euro per extra day.

Workshop prices are kept to a minimum to ensure access to the creative community. See here our financial strategy statement.



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